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Third Baby born at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver BC
As the sun came up I rushed out to BC Women’s Hospital to meet my client birthing her third baby. I didn’t get a chance to meet this family before labour started even so I was quickly welcomed into their birth space. When I came into the room labour was progressing and baby number three was on the way.  Their soon to be middle child stole the show with her bubbly personality which got her into a bit of trouble as you will see. The eldest was the most involved kid I have ever watched at a birth, holding his mom’s leg, checking out the placenta, and giving the longest cuddle before dad had a chance to check out his new son. I wonder what personality this new little one will have he has two strong acts to follow! Thank you to Pomegranate Midwives who always give wonderful care. The last few contractions before the epidural kicks in. Fully dialated ready to start pushing. As you can see someone is ready to catch! “The baby splashed me!” She was a little bit mad at her new baby for splashing her on his way out. Are you looking for more birth stories? Check out this client’s quick tub birth .
Vancouver Home Birth
Sometimes first-time mom’s birth their babies quickly. A quick first birth is often under 10 hours from start to finish. I knew when my client’s husband texted me with their contraction chart showing that contractions started off 2 minutes apart that this would be a fast one! It was fast, my client birthed her baby in her tub at home with their dog close by waiting for his new sister to be born.                 If you want to read another awesome birth story, click here. A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.
Home Birth | Vancouver Birth Photographer + Doula
I love it when I get a message from M. that they are having another baby and I am invited to take birth photographs at their home birth. They have used the same midwives and had me as their doula and birth photographer at every birth. This family has a way of making you feel like you are part of their family with the older siblings attending and grandparents enjoying the post birth festivities. You can view her first birth here and her second home birth here. Thank you, Mary, Kon, and kids for inviting me into your home to document another beautiful moment in time. Welcome to the world little one. My doula baby showing me her photo album from her birth waiting for her youngest sister to be born. Good morning. Baby yet? Strong M. right before she birthed her baby. The midwives explaining to the girls about how the head molds so the baby can be born. Big sister gloving up so she can catch. The birth photographer hard at work with her binoculars. Dad always catches. Moments after she was born there was a party.   Grandma and Grandpa showed up without knowing their new grandbaby had been […]
Alice’s Birth: Living My Truth Post-Caesarian
  To give birth, you must dive headfirst into the great mystery. Your body transforms, a new being emerges, life is never again the same. But we can’t say how it will happen. And if we have questions later, we may never know why things went the way they did. Yet the experience remains, etched onto ourselves, whispering through every slackened muscle fiber and weakened ligament. Our wavering connective tissue thinning with every strain, connecting past with the present. Is there any experience more visceral? This is the story of my second child. A redemptive birth fraught nonetheless with the cognitive dissonance of empowerment and helplessness. I wanted a VBAC, and so to tell the story of the second I must first review the first.   My first birth was lengthy and typical of what is sometimes called “the cascade of interventions”. I had several ineffective sweeps starting as early as recommended and eventually opted for a castor-oil induction at 9 days past due. The midwife who suggested it never told me that any form of induction increases one’s risk of c-section. My water broke early, with meconium in the fluid. Arriving at the hospital my labour was heavily augmented […]
Doula Birth | Vancouver Birth Photographer
It is pretty special when you get to photograph a fellow doula’s birth. What a beautiful relationship this family has and what a wonderful way to bring their second son into the world. I was so lucky to get to be at their birth and we are all so lucky she is sharing her beautiful images. Enjoy and be inspired. From the birthing mother; Labour played mind tricks on me, with many false starts for two weeks. Every evening, I would have strong Braxton-hicks contractions and I would think that labour was going to start. Morag probably got tired of receiving my texts!  Two nights before my due date, I started feeling contractions at around 10pm, and I thought it was going to be another false alarm but the contractions became regular!  I tried to sleep, but that was not going to happen since the pressure on my hips was intensifying so much. I texted my wonderful labour team and by around midnight everyone was at my apartment. I had intense pressure on my hips and on my perineum with each contraction.  The only position that felt “comfortable” for me was a lunge/squat beside my bed. When my water released […]
Catching Her Baby | Vancouver Birth Photographer
The night before Halloween my client welcomed her second baby into the world at 42 weeks and 3 days. She birthed her baby surrounded by her family. What a wonderful way to be brought into the world. When I arrived things seemed pretty calm. S. was in the ensuite bathroom listening to her hypnobabies tracks while her husband sat close by supporting her with each wave. Her friends were in the kitchen making spaghetti and looking after their daughter. But then it moved into her hips…. The purse was her daughters camera. She was ready for the action. 🙂 That moment of disbelief that things were really happening. A few moments later it was clear S. was not getting out of the tub. And just like that she birthed her baby’s head into her hands. No one had a chance to catch. S. reached down and pulled the baby up to her chest. Yes there was 8 of us in the ensuite bathroom…. ha ha Big sister coming in to check out her new baby. The family snuggle. I love midwives. Their friend carved a special knife to cut their babies cord. It worked really well. I was impressed. What a beautiful thing. […]
Vancouver Home Birth May 2016
“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” ~ Laura Stavoe Harm When you feel the waves of contractions days and weeks before your baby comes, it can be confusing. How do you know when it is really time? Most of my clients know when it switches, they usually call me and say OK this is it, it feels different. After getting the THIS IS IT call. I arrived in the evening, set up the pool, and sent these two off to bed. They laboured together snuggled beside each other until it became too intense and they decided to make their way into the living room. Right after this moment my client told me she was in transition: Honestly I didn’t really believe her… well because look at her she is dressed, upright and pretty engaged. Not the picture we imagine of a women in transition. We decided to call the midwife so she could get a dose of antibiotics in before her baby arrived. The antibiotics were hung, then suddenly my clients waters broke and the head was right there. It was the most calm, surreal birth experience […]
Vancouver Doula Home Birth 2016
Last week I got to attend this very special birth, my doula sister birthed her first baby into her hands just as the sun was about to set. Welcome to the world sweet girl. Ready to push her baby out….   
Vancouver Birth Photographer 11 lbs 8 oz Unmedicated Natural Birth
My client had a fast and furious second birth this past week.   I will be honest when I walked into the room and saw her in this gorgeous dress I was hoping the baby would be born while she was wearing it, that would make for some pretty beautiful pictures.  Instead she got up to Room 13, climbed into the tub and rocked her 11lbs 8oz baby girl down into her into her hands. She climbed out of the tub and birthed her baby in under 30 minutes of mother lead pushing. After her baby was out she repeated “I did it, I did it” over and over again for a good 10 minutes. It was beautiful to witness the power of birth and believing that your body can do it! T. has shared with us why she is sharing her images and story publically. I think it is a really important message that is told best by a woman who makes and births large babies. Thank you T. and D. for sharing your story and inspiring others! Our bodies are pretty smart. “I wanted to share these pictures because I hope to inspire other women that birthing large babies vaginally and without pain medication is possible. […]
Home Birth Videography | Vancouver Birth Photographer
The love in this birth movie is so powerful you might find yourself drenched with tears. Grab yourself a tissue, get cozy and watch as my friend births her third baby in her living room surrounded by her amazing family.   Want to see more images from this birth? Here is the blog post with just images. If you want to see another home birth video click here.   Both of Moshe’s parents wrote their birth story and have offered to share it with you. Here is the written account from both of their perspectives. Enjoy!   Papa’s Birth Story of Moshe Audio Alan McCourty Born 6:05am, November 24, 2015 The 23rd was a Monday. I had the day off. I had already been off for a few days. It was nice to be at home to help make sure everything was just the way we wanted it to be. There was a lot of planning and preparation leading up to the highly anticipated birth. Mama had been beyond physically ready to have the baby come join us, and get it the heck out of her body! It had been a very challenging pregnancy. There was of course, a lot of feelings sitting with Mama […]
Born at Home | Vancouver Birth Photographer
E. & R.’s Home Birth Story E: I woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday with contractions about 10 mins apart. I tried to get some sleep and by morning they were irregular so I decided to try and get some rest on Thursday since I had a feeling this was the real deal. I went for a walk later in the afternoon and things picked right back up. R: It was a normal Thursday for me. I went to work without knowing that E. was in labor and today would be the day that changed our lives. I came home with Ramen noodles for dinner around 7pm. E: We called our doula, Jessica, and she came to check on us around 9pm and said she’d likely be back in an hour or so because things were starting. We called her back around11:30pm as I was starting to feel them really intensely and was struggling a bit. She brought her TENS machine which was amazing and she showed R. some ways to help me through the contractions. R: When I called Jess to come back at 11:30 this was the point I knew labour was getting real. Thank […]
Catching Her Baby | Vancouver Birth Photographer
There is something very special with raising your family in the house you grew up in. Now imagine birthing your baby in the very same house. I felt so honoured to get to attend this beautiful birth in this wonderful old home with lots of history to it with the amazing team of midwives from Birth and Beyond. Patience. I think they see something. 🙂   About 20 minutes after the birth one of the midwives did a cord unwinding for the baby, to realign the baby from it’s birth Journey. It was so interesting watching the baby flip its body through the water. This all happened with the baby still attached to the mom. Welcome to the world little one.   If you want to read another awesome home birth story, click here.  A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.
January 2, 2016 | Vancouver Birth Photographer
Sometimes first births go really fast. This was my first birth of 2016, it sure started the year off with a bang! I joined my clients at home, within an hour I could tell it was changing fast. Their midwife came over to check to see if it was time to go to the hospital and sure enough it was. We made it just in time! This is their story in images…        He is out!   Taking the natural birth an extra step. 🙂      If you want to read another awesome birth story, click here.  A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.
Born Just In Time For Christmas | Vancouver Birth Photographer
There is nothing more surprising than needing an induction, especially when you are expecting a 2016 baby. Instead they had their son just in time for Christmas, in 2015. After a night of magical hospital medication the contractions started and the team came together. After just 2.5 hours of pressure waves little baby B was born crying, he was making noises before he was fully born! This is the story of his birth and his introduction to some of the sweetest big brothers I have ever met! Right into his mama’s arms.   Hello   Almost 7 lbs, not bad for 4 weeks early!             Welcome to the world little man.   If you want to read another awesome birth story, click here. A huge thank you to my clients for sharing their birth stories with the world. It means so much to so many.