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Birth is such a special moment in life to document. The day happens so slowly but also so quickly, that often the days' moments become a blurry memory. If you choose to have me document your birth, you will have beautiful images of your child's birth-day, the day you became parents, the moment your life changed forever. The best part is, your partner and support team will be free of being behind the camera. They will get to enjoy your birth in real time, rather than through a lens. If you have friends and family who are not in the city, images of your new baby will be posted online within twenty four hours of your baby's birth. These images will melt the hearts of friends and family. They will be crisp and beautiful. Having someone who is experienced in childbirth, who knows about mixed lighting and what happens in a birthing room will give you the best documentation of the day your child was born. Often clients report back to me that they had no idea I was taking pictures but they are so pleased that they have the images to look back on.

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 Clients that are looking for their birth story to be brought to life love this package. It includes photo documentation of active labour, birth and two hours after your baby arrives. Included in the package is a beautiful HD Slideshow set to licensed music. These movies are carefully created so you can share them with friends and family in the years to come. Optional Add-ons include Video Fusion, which integrates video clips into your slideshow, Doula Services, and the rental of a Professional Birth Pool.

The photos are fantastic! We keep looking at them. Hands down, it was the best decision to have birth photography – I love looking back at all the moments I wasn’t able to take in at the time, and it is so meaningful for us to be able to remember exactly what happened. We get to enjoy our miracle over again! Thank you so, so much" - Vancouver Birth Photography Client

"I wept watching this amazing, anointed slide show you did. SO amazing! Incredibly tasteful, and sensitively, artistically done. The music, the talking,at particular parts was just perfect! I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you as a person, doula and artist. You are such a wonderful woman and you will be remembered with great love and respect in our family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being such an integral, wonderful part of something so powerful in all our lives."  First time Grandmother


This package is a favourite with my experienced families. If you have your own doula and/or you know you are going to have a fast birth then this is the package for you. I will come to document your birth when you are getting closer to pushing. I can not guarantee making it for your birth but I can guarantee beautiful images of the moments right after. If documenting your labour and birth is important to you, you may want to sign up for the Birth Story Photography Package. Optional Add-ons include a HD Slideshow or Fusion Slideshow and/or the rental of a Professional Birth Pool. 

I’m sitting here scrolling through them, drenched in happy tears. There are moments that I cannot remember…like can you believe I forgot that she started breastfeeding in the operating room! There are just no words to express the happiness and awe I feel looking through these photos and somehow being transported back to that day…that day that O. was born, the day I became a mother, the day we became a family. THANK you from the bottom of my heart for being there, holding the space, offering your strong doula hands and your wise words of advice and comfort, and for your incredible gift of being able to capture the moments so beautifully. You are a true gem and we are so honored and blessed to have had you join us on the most important day of our lives and to prepare and empower us before hand for the birth of our wee O. Thank you, dear doula sister. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”  New Mother and Doula

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I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a tea date, or just to ask a question.  If you are wondering if birth photography is right for your family, check out these frequently asked questions. To view some birth slideshowsplease click here. If you would like to see some more of my work, check out my Birth Stories section, visit my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram. Payment plans are available, so please don’t hesitate to ask. 


All of my services start off with a complimentary visit or phone call to see if you feel like I will be an added benefit to your birth team. Book yours today.



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