Vancouver’s Experienced Birth Photographer

Vancouver’s Experienced Birth Photographer


Birth is such a special moment in life to document, why not do it with Vancouver’s most experienced birth photographer. Morag Hastings has been photographing births in Vancouver for the last 6 years documenting over 250 births. She is respected in the photography industry and by birth professionals in the city.

Why get birth photographs?

The day your baby is born happens so slowly but also so quickly, often the days’ moments become a blurry memory. If you choose to have me document your birth, you will have beautiful images of your child’s birth-day, the day you became parents, the moment your life changed forever. The best part is, your partner and support team will be free of being behind the camera. They will get to enjoy your birth in real time, rather than through a lens. If you have friends and family who are not in the city, images of your new baby will be posted online within twenty-four hours of your baby’s birth. These images will melt the hearts of friends and family. They will be crisp and beautiful. Having someone who is experienced in childbirth, who knows about mixed lighting and what happens in a birthing room will give you the best documentation of the day your child was born. Often clients report back to me that they had no idea I was taking pictures but they are so pleased that they have the images to look back on.

I also work as a birth doula supporting families with the emotional and physical aspects of births, this service can easily be paired with birth photography.

You can check out my birth photography page for more information on my services. I work both in my client’s homes and in hospitals in Vancouver, BC. I specialise in home births but also work in all of the Lower Mainland hospitals including BC Woman’s Hosptial, St. Pauls Hospital, Burnaby General, Richmond Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital.

Feel free to check out my popular facebook page where images are updated often, you can come find me on Instagram @birthphotographer, check out my recent blog posts or email me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Morag Hastings, Vancouver’s Experienced Birth Doula

Natural Birth Vancouver BC

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